The squadron has a very talented and committed shooting officer which enables the squadron to offer regular shooting experience for those who are interested. On the Squadron we have our very own 5m air rifle range. Cadets are taught the key principals of marksmanship on the air rifle range. These skills are transferable onto a number of other shooting disciplines on offer from the squadron.

To be allowed to fire the rifle, a cadet must be formally trained on the weapon by a qualified instructor and pass a standardised Weapon Handling Test (WHT). The WHT tests the cadet’s knowledge of safety with firearms, reactions to range orders and to rifle defects (misfires). Once the cadet has passed their WHT there are various marksmanship awards available, dependent upon ability.

Weapon: No.8 Rifle (.22mm)

Cadets have the opportunity to shoot the No8 rifle at a local TA base on a 25m range. Cadets can gain one of four Marksmanship awards depending on their shooting ability.

Weapon: L98 A2 (5.56mm)

At 14 years+ Cadets take a weapons handling test on the L98 A2 Semi-automatic rifle. This is usually shot at RAF Odiham on 25m ranges.


Weapon: L81 A2 (7.62mm)

Once a year the ATC have the chance to compete against other Cadet organizations in the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting at NRA Bisley. This is done using the L81 A2 Cadet Target Rifle at distances of 300m and 600m.