vikingAir Cadet Gliding is the largest gliding organisation in the world. Cadets are taught essential basics of how to pilot an aircraft and experience the thrill of engineless flight in the Viking T Mk1 Glider.

On average 4 Cadets from the Squadron attend a Gliding Induction Course (GIC) every couple of months and with each time you attend a GIC you will develop your piloting skills even further. The Viking glider is fully aerobatic and in good conditions can stay airborne for hours in thermals.

The whole experience is very hands on even if you’re not flying, with gliders needing to be launched and retrieved when they land. But the hard work is more than worth it for a day of free gliding.

Gliding Scholarships

Blue Wings

Awarded on course completion.

Silver Wings

Awarded after first solo flight.

Gold Wings

Awarded after 5 solo flights.